We are a 100% New Zealand company committed to the health and productivity of dairy farming in New Zealand. Our recent innovations for calf rearing emphasize this commitment.


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News - July 2013

With the start of another spring season, the major risk in 2013 with calf rearing this year is the possibility that not all calves routinely protected against rotavirus will have sufficient immunity.

If calves get combined virus + cryptosporidial infections, then there will be a dramatic increased risk of a more serious scour problem with a slower recovery.  It will be important to reduce the severity of any scour earlier with KRYPTADE for these calves. 

Also it will be important to recognise and identify (all of) the infections present with sufficient samples taken from freshly scouring calves so that advice can be tailored to each individual farmer.



News - August 2012

There has been continued support for the benefits of KRYPTADE reported by farmers.

EXAGEN is being used by more veterinarians in preventative programmes to reduce the severity of crypto scours.

I emphasise the importance of isotonic electrolytes in helping calves which are recovering.


The original trials showed calves had slower recoveries onto milk when using a concentrate (i.e. high energy) electrolyte. 

Further research showed that all the trials justifying their (i.e.high energy) use were completed in artificially induced scours without the intestinal lining damage seen with infectious scours.



News - July  2011

The aim this year is ensure more farmers get to hear about the advantages of combining the benefits of EXAGEN  with KRYPTADE.

New information leaflets are available on ENERVADE, KRYPTADE and EXAGEN.

The Crypto Control Programme is also available in leaflet form.


CryptoControl Programme Leaflet.pdf
ENERVADE Leaflet.pdf
EXAGEN Leaflet.pdf
KRYPTADE Leaflet.pdf


If you require more specific information for your farm conditions,

phone (NZ only) 0800 844 466 and speak with me personally.

Bruce Pauling Veterinarian, and Managing Director


News - January 2010

KRYPTADE and EXAGEN have been successfully helping farmers manage Cryptosporidial calf scours since launching in 2006. The claims have been substantiated with farmers seeing the results.


This year will emphasise The Crypto Management Plan. Aimed to help the farmer get the best advice and products to take control of his crypto scour problem.


It is a practical tool that may be safely started if the farmer is at risk of cryptosporidial scours, and how he/she can 'get back on top' of a problem getting out of control.


KRYPTADE and EXAGEN are all based on non-antibiotic, non-drug formulations with no withholding periods, and over the counter supply from veterinarians. There are no safety restrictions on management of the products. There have been no reports of any adverse effects since launch.


They remain the most cost-effective tools for farmers to manage crypto scours.


EXAGEN  is designed for addition to milk (in-feed) twice daily for the first 10 - 12 days of a calf's life (a minimum of 3 days is recommended). This will substantial lower the intensity of infection and hasten the recovery of any calves scouring from crypto infections AND with lower environmental contamination.


KRYPTADE is used as would any other electrolyte - with one major difference. A minimum of two treatments are given the first day, and a minimum of at least one single treatment on both the second and third day of treatment.


See the new information provided in The Crypto Management Plan




News - April  2008

This year will see the first full year of EXAGEN use.  Targeting calves at risk of cryptosporidial scours, EXAGEN has been formulated to ensure calf scours will recover more quickly. Calves will be less severely affected with infection, recovery more quickly when crypto scours occurs, making calf rearing less stressful. Days to recovery will be reduced from 7 - 8 days down to 3 - 4 days.


Isotonic electrolytes (ENERVADE and KRYPTADE) recommmended as the ideal electrolyte for treatment of all calves with infectious scours. And particularly when EXAGEN has been used in a preventative programme.


News -  October 2007

Its time to remind farmers that much calf rearing information now needs re-writing. Cryptosporidiosis can now be targeted successfully. KRYPTADE has had great success. 

Farmers may need to look at a diagnostic work-up by their local vet to find out if their calves are scouring from cryptosporidiosis. KRYPTADE is an over-the-counter product, with no withholding period (no antibiotics or drugs contained in it), so farmers you may want to use it for every case of calf scours. Available only from veterinarians, you may need to ask veterinarians to get it in for you.


...but if you are having problem locating some, don't hesitate to call and enquire, or e-mail me, drpauling@pvd.co.nz


News -  September 2007


KRYPTADE is in its first full spring season.


Farmers are reporting

a) very high acceptance - palatability when offered KRYPTADE compared with  

    their former hypertonic solutions.

b) fast recovery rates, with days to recovery now 3 -4 days compared with 7 - 8

    days with normal electrolyte solutions.


Check the website for updates in many areas. "Electrolytes" has recently been added. This explains the why and how of  management of calves with dehydration requiring electrolytes.


Veterinarians, you are invited to apply for login rights. There is a significant amount of technical data available in many areas.


News   -  June  2007

EXAGEN is a carbohydrate supplement containing 80% betacyclodextrin to give to calves in the first 3 - 10+ days of life. EXAGEN aids the rate of recovery from scours when calves are at risk of cryptosporidiosis. Give twice daily for improved control of oocyst excretion and reduction of crypto challange in your calf shed.




Recent News - 2006

In the late spring of 2006, we launched KRYPTADE. This is the first product available internationally, developed in New Zealand for New Zealand farmers which gives calves affected by crypto scours a treatment for rehydration as well as making recovery of calves faster from this infectious scour.

Based on the isotonic electrolyte ENERVADE it will give faster rehydration. KRYPTADE can be used for scours of any origin - nutritional, stress or infectious. The benefits of improved recovery apply specifically to crypto scours with 40% reduced electrolyte to full recovery - a valuable benefit to all farmers.


In 2005, ENERVADE was registered as the basic electrolyte with the unique features of added soluble dietary fibre - which is also a prebiotic carbohydrates, for the treatment of calf scours. In September 2006, we achieved an international first, with the addition of betacyclodextrin to ENERVADE to provide an electrolyte which also improved the recovery of calves affected by cryptosporidiosis.



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Welcome to the online Information Centre for the LifeStart Programme.


Dr Bruce Pauling B.V.Sc as a veterinary surgeon has designed the LifeStart Programme after many years of research. He has made available an extensive resource of information about the Programme and the products which manage to limit some of the severe consequences of scours in calves. See the menu on the left for more detail on any aspect of the LifeStart Programme


It is a resource based on extensive review of the most recent science which includes the use of  natural carbohydrates with prebiotic activity.  These provide a wide range of benefits ranging from health benefits and also productivity benefits at a time when calves in New Zealand are most vulnerable to severe stress.


Dr Pauling is committed to support these recent innovations with more extensive trials which will be made available to everyone.


In the meantime feel free to ask for further information by contacting him   -    drpauling@pvd.co.nz